Faculty Externships

Faculty externships are short-term experiential learning opportunities that benefit both university faculty and host industry.

These externships can be done for any field of study in science and technology. A university professor spends time, between two to six weeks, or during summer or class breaks, at a host industry.

Faculty externs serve as resident experts working with teams to help solve technical problems, assist in technical development projects, and initiate collaborative research and product development with the host company.

What you need to know about Externships
Advantages for Faculty Externship
  • Faculty gain a better grasp of the business environment related to the course or field they are teaching, including required workplace skills and competencies, labor market trends, and new technology and scientific methods employed.
  • Externships help to increase the faculty’s ability to connect theory and practice, and bring an understanding from the world of business into the classroom.
  • Faculty are better able to integrate current workplace operations and employment skills into the curriculum.
  • The placement becomes a starting point for stronger partnerships with the industry in the future.
Advantages for Industry Host
  • Industry obtains an added scientific resource to complement its in-house R&D team, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Hosting externs can help to jumpstart new research projects, or contribute to coming up with fresh solutions to lingering technical problems.
  • Working with an external expert helps motivates personnel.
Who can Apply
  • Faculty members of science, technology and engineering programs
  • Available for full-time externship placements for at least a block of four weeks
  • Must be a Filipino

STRIDE will facilitate matching faculty externs to the most appropriate industry placement.If you are a faculty member interested to go on an externship, or a business looking to host a faculty expert, please review this checklist for industry and university faculty.  Contact the for expressions of interest and other inquiries