Academe – Industry Connector

It is our goal at STRIDE to provoke and speed up change and action within the Philippine scientific community.

Academe-Industry Connector is a venue for academia and industry to post notices about their science, technology and innovation projects and their needs within these projects – whether they’re about resources, partners and collaborators, or fresh ideas.


Innovation workshops have either an industry sector or a regional focus and are designed to bring industrialists and researchers together. The workshops have two objectives of identifying the next research challenges and forming new partnerships.

Guest industry lectures emphasize the importance of learning and sharing between academe and industry. They focus on collaborative learning and the exchange of information between industry practitioners and the academic community. Experts from leading industries in the Philippines are invited to give short lectures on their fields of expertise to university faculty and students. The lectures aim to show how science & technology translates  knowledge to practice through sharing best practices, experiences, culture, lessons learned, and viewpoints from the industry sector.

If you would like to request an industry expert to conduct a lecture in your university, please fill out and submit this application form.